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Rongoā i a rā, i a rā   -   Rongoa for every day

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Back Pain





Migraine &

Body Pains

Ngā kōrero taunaki  |  Testimonials

"I'd like to say a big mihi to Taniwha Noa for the rongoā I am using on my daughter who has suffered from Chronic Eczema since birth.


I have been in and out of Doctors, and Skin Specialists, I have also tried every medication you could imagine and nothing was healing my little girl's skin, who looked like a little armadillo scarred from scratching and always on antibiotics, red sore and raw.  Since trying Whauwhau Magic, this has helped my daughter's skin so much, even she will grab it herself and apply!

It helps instantly soothe her skin when she gets extremely itchy and it also helps heal her skin leaving it moisturised.  We carry this in little pottles everywhere we go.


It truly is a lifesaver." 





"Honestly, after a couple of days they were gone, both the rash and the pain!!
Instant relief from the minute I put it on and this is after two weeks of taking strong meds from the docs that seemed to have no effect."





My baby had that RSV virus.  I gave him limited amounts of painkillers, vitamin C, cough mixture and his pump.  Still wasn’t enough for him.  I rubbed Karauna Noa on his throat, chest, back and feet, along with the Hāngenge Noa drops for a week.  They helped him and prevented us being in hospital with further symptoms.




A friend had a sore back and I massaged Whauwhau Magic on him.  No more than 5mins later, he returns and says "OMG, my back feels so much better.  Surely it can't work that fast, can it?"  







My daughter had a massive migraine/tension and I recommended Whauwhau Magic, and to her surprise it worked so quickly! 


I've used Whauwhau Magic [myself] for sciatica and carpal tunnel.        



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