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Spoken narration

This is what Taniwha Noa means to me...

TANIWHA are majestic and powerful beings that flourish in Te Āo Māori (the Māori realm).  Depending on the intentions and actions of these glorious beings, the negative and positive energies they generate can have an impact on us and our well-being


When we are experiencing the negative symptoms of common everyday ailments, aches and strains, sometimes we may be unintentionally connected with these types of negative energies.  

Our connection to these negative energies is Tapu.



Tapu is a state of being, where something becomes prohibited or restricted in order to protect people from potential physical, mental and/or spiritual harm.  Being "Tapu" is not a scary place to be, it just means that we need cleansing and protection so the Tapu can be lifted from us and we can heal.

NOA is the polar opposite of being in a state of Tapu.  The state of being Noa is achieved once Tapu has been lifted appropriately.  Once we regain being in a state of Noa, we are able to resume doing things freely and without prohibition or restriction - but always with respect.


My Rongoā consists of just a few simple, but effective home-made remedies.  While my range of Rongoā is a modest one, they are wide-reaching in terms of their uses.  More importantly, I have used the appropriate preparation and protective processes to ensure they are Noa when they reach you.

Nō reira...

The everyday ailments, aches and strains that you may be experiencing are the "Taniwha".  Perhaps using the Rongoā available here will assist you to make the "TANIWHA NOA".

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